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Talking Points

Est. 3 minute read

Need a short summary of points to make and ways to make them? This guide can get you started.

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  • Collective Responsibility

    “Our responsibility to children and to each other translates to a responsibility to ensure that immunization services are accessible and affordable for everyone.”

  • Widespread Access for Prevention

    “When everyone can access the recommended immunizations on time, it stops preventable diseases from spreading through our communities.”

  • Platform for Child Health

    “When kids stay healthy, they can focus on growing, learning, and doing the things they love to do. Child and adolescent immunization sets young people up for long-term health and wellbeing.”

  • Software Updates

    “Just like our digital devices perform better after we’ve updated the software, our immune systems work more effectively in response to vaccines. When we prepare children’s immune systems to detect and resist a virus, it protects them and the entire network of people they come into contact with.”

  • Beginner Texts

    “When we immunize children, it’s a lot like helping them learn to read. Vaccines are beginner texts that our immune systems use to practice comprehending a disease. With that literacy, they can read a disease more quickly when they encounter it—and respond and resist right away.”

  • Historical Examples

    “Vaccines are one of the greatest medical advances in history. Thanks to widespread immunization, we have eradicated or controlled many diseases that once caused pain, suffering, and even death for countless numbers of children—from smallpox to polio to tetanus and the measles.”

  • Remove Practical Barriers to Access

    “We must make sure that childhood vaccinations are widely available, easy to find, and affordable to everyone. Whether this means changing clinic locations or changing insurance reimbursement policies, we need to remove the barriers that families run into when trying to get kids vaccinated.”

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