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With sample language and user notes, FrameWorks’ issue-based toolkits offer practical framing strategies that communicators can put to immediate use.

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Learn more about FrameWorks research on vaccine communications in these resources.


Quick Start Guide to Reframing Childhood Immunizations

Five framing strategies that can shift thinking about childhood immunizations.


Talking Points

Need a short summary of points to make and ways to make them? This guide can get you started.


Words to Watch

Use this short list of words to replace (and alternatives to embrace) to develop a vaccine vocabulary that inoculates against misunderstandings and distractions.


“Collective Responsibility”

“As a society, we have a responsibility to the common good—which translates into a shared duty to ensure everyone has access to immunization services.”


“Software Updates”

“Just like our digital devices perform better after we’ve updated the software, our immune systems work more effectively in response to vaccines.”


“Beginner Text”

“When we immunize children, it’s a lot like helping them learn to read. Vaccines are beginner texts that our immune systems use to practice comprehending a disease.”


Sample Letter to the Editor

Legislators always read the opinion pages in their local district press. A letter to the editor is a relatively easy and surprisingly powerful way to frame issues on your own terms.


Talking about Toxic Stress

Explore these general guidelines and evidence-based best practices for communicating about development, stress, and resilience with disparately impacted individuals and communities.


Talking About Digital Media and Learning

This toolkit features research findings from several multi-method studies, as well as application guides and resources, to front-line communicators for deploying recommended framing strategies to...


Talking About Children’s Oral Health

Using these templates to build communications can help engage the public in understanding children’s oral health in a deeper way, thereby improving the public conversation and decision-making...


Talking Teachers and Teachers’ Unions

Welcome to Talking About Teachers and Teachers’ Unions – a toolkit compendium of research on how Americans think about the role of teachers and teachers’ unions, and how to increase public...