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Child and Adolescent Development

FrameWorks has the world’s largest body of framing research on children and adolescents. It is used around the world to create change.

This research provides an overarching framing strategy to effectively communicate about a wide range of issues that affect children and young people.

Certain assumptions about children, youth, and families come up again and again.

To communicate effectively, advocates need to be able to navigate these dominant beliefs.

The tested frames come from research on six continents and have pushed policy in progressive directions at local, state, national, and international levels. Join this global narrative shift effort by exploring these resources.

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Talking About Skills and Learning

The future will require new skills - which means we new ways of teaching today. But public thinking is, often, stuck in the past. How can we reframe?


The Stories We are Telling: How Digital Media and Learning is Communicated by Education Reformers

The way we talk about digital learning and educational technology matters. This study explores how advocates frame these issues - and the effects of the stories we tell.


Finding a Place for Early Child Development in the Hierarchy of Needs

This report offers guidance on how to translate the science of early child development for the international development and policy community.


Summary of Research on the Framing of Early Childhood Development in International Child Advocacy and Journalism

This study offers insight into international aid workers' perception of early childhood development issues, mapping the stories they hear and the stories they tell.


“Anyone Can Do It… Wake up, Rise up and Get Some Gumption”: Mapping the Gaps Between Expert and Public Understandings of Resilience and Developmental Outcomes

This report summarizes the findings of a multi-year study that sought to translate the science of early childhood development and the issue of resilience.


Framing Early Childhood Development in a Global Context: An Analysis of Children’s Issues in International News Media

This media content analysis examines the explicit and implicit messages, or “media frames,” embedded in the international news coverage of children’s issues.


Talking About Children’s Oral Health

Using these templates to build communications can help engage the public in understanding children’s oral health in a deeper way, thereby improving the public conversation and decision-making...


Communicating About Disparities in Children’s Oral Health

The disparities in oral health by economic status and race are important, and deserve the full attention of advocates. If this information isn’t communicated carefully, this can lead to...


Where’s the Learning? An Analysis of Media Stories of Digital Media and Learning

Distance learning and online learning are the new normal. What are the explicit and implicit messages embedded in media coverage of educational technology?


Where is Early Childhood Development on the International Child Advocacy Agenda?

This analysis of organizational communications explores patterns in the ways that international advocacy groups talk about children’s issues.


How to Talk About Children’s Mental Health: A FrameWorks MessageMemo

This MessageMemo provides advocates with a communications map for improving the public's understanding of children's mental health and the value of solutions.


Talking About Children’s Mental Health

Included in this toolkit are applications materials, based on the research findings, that can help engage the public in understanding children’s mental health, thereby improving the public...