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FrameWorks maintains an active schedule of presentations, briefings, and workshops.

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Framing Parenting in the Time of COVID

Drawing on almost 10 years of research in Australia and recent FrameWorks research on how the COVID-19 pandemic is shaping thinking, this talk provides a set of recommendations that communicators...


Creating Conditions for Engagement

This training presented advocates with FrameWorks research on family engagement so that it may be applied to their various communications strategies.


Framing for Change: Advancing Public Health with Communications Science

This talk uses findings from a new project in partnership with the De Beaumont Foundation and the Aspen Institute to distill a set of recommendations that communicators can use to productively...


Alamance County FrameLab: Reframing Early Childhood Development and Learning

Educators, advocates, and community leaders in Alamance County, North Carolina, convened for two full days to strengthen their community of practice as part of a 6-month FrameLab on early...


Framing for Science Communication

Science communication has always been a challenging endeavor, but it has grown even harder over the last several years. This presentation lays out some of the key lessons from the science of...


Framing to Unlock Change

This talk lays out a set of recommendations that those working to progressively reform the justice system can use to move policy, improve public safety, and address systemic racism.


Backfires and Boomerangs—Why what you say isn’t always what people hear

This talk explains an unfortunately frequent experience for communicators: you think you’re saying one thing only to find out that people have taken away something utterly different.


Reframing Landscape Architecture: Building Public Understanding

At the American Society of Landscape Architects annual meeting, FrameWorks highlighted major findings from cultural models research on public understandings of landscape architecture and...


Communicating about Student Motivation: Challenges, Opportunities, and Emerging Recommendations

In this webinar, FrameWorks' reported out research findings on the public's and education practitioners' understandings of student motivation and offered provisional recommendations for...


Unlocking Changing: Shifting cultural understandings of adolescence

This presentation pulls together almost two years of FrameWorks research on public understandings of adolescence and strategies that can be used to shift mindsets to improve the way we, as a...


Reframing Adolescent Development: Interim Findings Report

As part of a meeting with the Funders for Adolescent Science Translation, this presentation reviews findings from testing potential ways of reframing messages about young people and adolescent...


Washington State Prevention Summit / All Provider Meeting

Three workshop sessions on framing (a broad overview, a focus on talking about WHY, and one on WHY and HOW) were conducted at an annual convening by the Washington Heath Care Authority to talk to...