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Navigating Cultural Mindsets of Race and Place in the United States

The places where we live shape our lives. Structural racism has shaped and continues to shape where and how Americans live.


The Terrain of Spatial Justice

Racism is built into places. It shapes who can live where, how resources are distributed, who gets a say over what happens in places, and more. Places in the United States reflect, perpetuate, and...


How Are Children’s Issues Portrayed in the News? A Media Content Analysis

What is the role of the news media in influencing public thinking about children’s issues? And how can recognizing these media frames help us build engagement and increase support for the...


How Are Advocates Talking about Children’s Issues? An Analysis of Field Communications

This is one of a set of three reports that map the landscape of current discourse and thinking.


Why aren’t kids a policy priority? The cultural mindsets and attitudes that keep kids off the public agenda

This report focuses on American mindsets about kids and how these mindsets limit the effectiveness of advocacy messaging.


Moving Mindsets: A Playbook for Building Momentum

Mindsets are challenging to shift, but they’re worth it. The fight for social change requires persistence but ultimately pays off in transforming lives for good.


Moving Mindsets: The Public Imperative for Policy Change

Policymakers’ mindsets shape their decision-making. But that’s not the whole story.


Moving Mindsets: How to Shape a Strategy

Want to change hearts and minds? Shift policy? Bring about structural change? It starts with knowing what mindsets are—and aren't—and what it takes to shift them.


Mindset Shifts: What Are They? Why Do They Matter? How Do They Happen?

This report answers these questions and more.


Measuring Mindset Shifts and Evaluating Mindset Shift Efforts

Supplement to Mindset Shifts: What Are They? Why Do They Matter? How Do They Happen?


Is Culture Changing in this Time of Social Upheaval?: Preliminary findings from Project Culture Change

Are the upheavals of 2020 shifting fundamental American cultural mindsets? If so, which mindsets are moving? And in what ways are they shifting?