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Changing the Story of Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: Building a More Effective Narrative

Child sexual abuse (CSA) is preventable. There is strong evidence that programs focused on preventing abuse before it happens are effective, but these programs can be a hard sell for a...


Methods Supplement: Changing the Story of Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: Building a More Effective Narrative

In this supplement, we describe the research we conducted in which we designed and tested frames to address the challenges and leverage the opportunities in public thinking about child sexual...


Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Toolkit

The materials in this toolkit support those in the field to be better equipped to talk about CSA in ways that invite greater support and understanding for prevention. These materials can,...

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Quick-Start Guide to Framing CSA Prevention

This quick-start guide is designed to give a broad range of communicators support in strategically framing their CSA prevention efforts. It includes guidance on how to avoid common...


Media that Motivates: Elevating a Compelling Narrative about Young Children and Our Changing Climate

This presentation launches a new toolkit designed to help storytellers bring the science of climate change and early childhood development together and into their work.


The science of science communication

By understanding and applying the science of framing, scientists can become more effective in translating their science and using communications for impact. This presentation covers four...


Self-Made Individuals and Just Labor Systems: Public Thinking about Work in the United States

Workers in the United States face enormous challenges within the economy as it is currently structured. If we are to achieve a fundamental shift in power in favor of workers, rather than...


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Six Trends in Public Thinking about Work in the United States

Is the current system of work in the United States—which many experience as insecure, unequal, and disempowering—amenable to a fundamental power shift in favor of workers, away from...


WorkShift Methods Supplement

This supplement provides detailed information on the research that informs the first release of FrameWorks’ WorkShi! project on reframing work and labor in the United States.1 Below, we outline...


The science of effective science communication

Over 25 years of conducting framing research on science issues--from climate change to early childhood--FrameWorks has gleaned a set of practices that can add value to science-communication...

WorkShift Advisory Board

Jason Tomlinson