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Kristin Vierra

Quantitative Researcher


Journey to Success Campaign: Quick Messaging Guide

Six key messages and framing tips for each of the Journey to Success campaign's policy goals.


Advocating for Transition Age Foster Youth: Framing for the Journey to Success Campaign

Strategic brief on Framing for the Journey to Success Campaign


Framing for Change: The Science of Effective Communication

Framing can be the different between persuasive and engaging messages and those that fall flat or even backfire. This presentation reviews three core principles from the science of framing and how...


Framing for Change: The science of Effective Communication

The science of framing is a valuable tool for effective science communication. This presentation reviews six evidence-based practices that scientists can use to more effectively communicate their...


Why Aren’t Kids a Priority?

How can an understanding of cultural mindsets help us understand that we all love kids but never put them first when it comes to public policy? We hear present findings from a major new research...


Principal/Senior Principal Researcher

The Principal or Senior Principal Researcher will work across all the methods of Strategic Frame Analysis. They will lead the drafting of research reports and briefs, and present research findings...


Researcher/Senior Researcher

The Researcher or Senior Researcher will participate in research to understand the cultural mindsets that people use to understand social issues and to develop and test frames to shift thinking in...

Frame Testing Recommendations

How to Share the NASEM Report, The National Imperative to Improve Nursing Home Quality, with Public Audiences

Evidence-based framing guidance for talking about nursing home care


Reframing Housing: The Science Behind Moving Hearts and Minds

The choices that housing advocates make in how they present information are vital to moving this issue onto and up the public agenda. This presentation reviews three evidence-based framing...


Framing for Change Shifting Mindsets on 2Gen

Communicating the need to support parents to better support child development and family wellbeing is fraught with challenges. This presentation lays out three cultural mindsets that challenge...


Communicating About Nursing Home Care: Findings and Emerging Recommendations

Finding a New Nursing Home Narrative