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Communicating about vaccination in the UK

This strategic brief represents the culmination of a research project, supported by the Wellcome Trust and conducted by the FrameWorks Institute, to explore how people understand vaccines in the...


How are advocates talking about vaccination? An analysis of field communications

This report is one part of a broader project, supported by the Wellcome Trust. The project aims to understand current discourse and thinking about vaccines and vaccination and to identify and...


Communicating about vaccination in the UK: Research methods supplement

This supplement provides detailed information on the research informing FrameWorks’ strategic brief on reframing vaccines and vaccination in the United Kingdom.

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How to talk about the building blocks of health

If we want to change how the public understands health inequalities and to change policy, we need to change how we communicate about the wider determinants of health.


Leila Royle-Davies

Communications Strategist


A matter of life and death: explaining the wider determinants of health in the UK

In the public and political debate about how to improve health in the UK, the wider determinants are often left out or misunderstood. In partnership with the Health Foundation, we examined how...


A matter of life and death: explaining the wider determinants of health in the UK supplement on research methods and evidence


Talking about child separation in Bulgaria

How we talk about child separation matters. This brief is a summary of three workshops run by FrameWorks UK in 2021-22. It explores how people working to end child separation can use framing to...


Communicating About Childhood Obesity at the Time of COVID

Building on our initial research on childhood obesity in 2018, this report explores how public thinking on childhood obesity has evolved in the context of the pandemic. In partnership with Impact...


Sophie Gordon

Principal Communications Strategist


Communicating about housing in the UK: obstacles, openings and emerging recommendations

We need a new conversation about housing in the UK, to build greater public support and action to deliver quality homes for all.


Sally Bacon OBE

UK Board Director