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Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr., Ph.D.

UK Board Director


How to Talk About the Ocean so that People Will Listen: A Quick Guide

When communicating about the ocean, we all make choices about what we say and how we say it. We can make choices that increase public understanding and boost support for action...


Each and Every Child: How to Talk About Care Experience in Scotland

To tackle stigma, we need to help people think differently about how the care system can and should work for children – and explain how and why people stigmatise in the first place.


Reframing Children’s Care in Scotland Research Supplement: Methods and Findings

This Research Supplement describes in detail the research methods and findings that underpin the recommendations in the accompanying Strategic Brief, Each and Every Child: How to Talk About Care...


Reframing the Ocean: A FrameWorks Guide

This communication guide outlines how to talk about the ocean to improve public understanding and increase support for solutions. Based on comprehensive research with the UK public, it reveals a...

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It’s time to change the climate disaster script. People need hope that things can change.

The climate story must balance talk of urgency with hopeful and creative ideas if we are to inspire positive change


Turning the Tide: Findings from Reframing Research on Ocean Health & Marine Conservation in the United Kingdom

This report outlines the findings of a series of investigations aimed at identifying framing tools and techniques that can shift public thinking and discussions. It reveals and reviews the...


Only Part of the Story: Media and Organisational Discourse about Health in the United Kingdom

This report identifies how media and advocacy groups in the UK frame health and makes recommendations for advocates.


Comparing Media and Organizational Discourse on the Children’s Care System in Scotland

How is children's care framed in the Scottish press - and how can advocates reframe the issue?


Slipping through the Cracks: Comparing Media and Organisational Discourse on the Children’s Care System in Scotland

Media coverage can be harmful and misleading – or informative and productive. Organisations can impact the character of that coverage, but not without a deep understanding of the structure of...


Framing the Economy

These are times of great danger but also of great possibility. For the first time in decades, there is a sense that the economic consensus is fracturing, that a change must and will come. A space...


Reframing Homelessness in the United Kingdom

This report lays out an overarching framing strategy to help advocates in the U.K. expand public understanding of homelessness.