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Framing strategies for talking about racial equity, public education, and community schools.

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Models of Thinking: Education

Knowing the cultural models that exist around public education and equity issues can be used to advocates’ strategic advantage. Take a look at this resource to learn how audiences may already be...

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Recommendation #1

Counter pro-voucher argument by explaining the scheme’s harmful effects on students of color and low-income students.

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Recommendation #2

Advance a positive vision of educational opportunity that centers race.

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Framing Stories of Success

Success stories—of programs, people, and policies—are a key feature of social change communications.

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Framing Social Media

Even small language choices can have a significant and measurable effect on how the public thinks about and understands social issues. Meaningful issue engagement on social media is not just about...

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Recommendation #3

Tell an aspirational story about community schools using specific, concrete examples.

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Storyteller’s Checklist

This resource is designed to help communicators make better use of story as an advocacy tool. The following list is designed to move storytellers for social change away from the idea that “any...


Making the Case for Equitable and Just Public Education: Core Story of Education Messaging Strategies

The Core Story of Education has been successful in reframing public education, not as something that needs to be dismantled or built anew, but rather as a system with a strong structure and...


Is Culture Changing in this Time of Social Upheaval?: Preliminary findings from Project Culture Change

Are the upheavals of 2020 shifting fundamental American cultural mindsets? If so, which mindsets are moving? And in what ways are they shifting?

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Annotated Before-and-After Examples (Mental Health)

These before-and-after examples show how to reframe mental health.

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Framing with Visuals

Photos, graphics, and videos are important framing opportunities. Use this resource as a guide to sparking more productive understandings of mental health with these media.