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Boosting Public Discourse: Reframing Childhood Immunization

Find guidance and resources to advocate for expanding access to childhood and adolescent vaccination.


Reframing the Conversation about Child and Adolescent Vaccinations

The purpose of this brief is to equip physicians, advocates, and public health communicators with the strategies necessary to effectively build understanding of and support for child and...


Communicating About Vaccination in the United States: A FrameWorks Strategic Brief

A research partnership between the FrameWorks Institute and the American Academy of Pediatrics to understand attitudes and behaviors about vaccination and identify framing strategies that can...


Research Supplement for “Communicating About Vaccination in the United States”

This supplement provides detailed information on the research informing FrameWorks’ strategic brief on reframing vaccination in the United States. We outline the research conducted with...


What the American Public Thinks About Vaccines and How Framing Can Help. A Literature Review.

As the US is preparing to distribute vaccines across all 50 states to curtail a deadly pandemic, the issue of vaccination is, more than ever, top of mind for many, in the US and globally.


Social Media Messages

Use these customizable, shareable social media messages to amplify your advocacy for policies that increase vaccine access and uptake.


Building a Strong Frame

When we skip over deeper explanation of how a problem comes to be, we miss opportunities to build lasting public understanding.


Quick Start Guide to Reframing Childhood Immunizations

Five framing strategies that can shift thinking about childhood immunizations.


Talking Points

Need a short summary of points to make and ways to make them? This guide can get you started.


Words to Watch

Use this short list of words to replace (and alternatives to embrace) to develop a vaccine vocabulary that inoculates against misunderstandings and distractions.


“Collective Responsibility”

“As a society, we have a responsibility to the common good—which translates into a shared duty to ensure everyone has access to immunization services.”


“Software Updates”

“Just like our digital devices perform better after we’ve updated the software, our immune systems work more effectively in response to vaccines.”