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Discipline and Development: A Meta-Analysis of Public Perceptions of Parents, Parenting, Child Development and Child Abuse

A report reviewing PCA America’s research on child abuse, as well as existing, publicly available opinion research regarding parenting, child development, child abuse and discipline, and the...


Simplifying Early Childhood Development: Findings from Cognitive Analysis and Phone Interviews

In the research reported on here, cognitive analysis of this general schema reveals several basic features which stand in the way of child advocates’ messaging.


Hearts Souls and Minds: An Analysis of Qualitative Research Regarding Communicating School Readiness and other Child Development Policies

This analysis is based upon qualitative research, specifically 12 focus groups. Focus groups are open-end, structured conversations among 8-10 people, typically lasting about 2 hours.


Promoting School Readiness and Early Child Development: Findings from Cognitive Elicitations

This report explains findings from research that investigated whether the concept of "school readiness," a frame widely promoted by advocates and experts, can be effective at engaging public...


Reframing Youth Issues For Public Consideration and Support

This report synthesizes our research findings and recommends strategies to communicate more effectively about youth.


Veterans of Perception: GII Antecedents in the Literature on Media and Foreign Policy

This review and analysis of the literature of foreign policy communications revealed five key themes in the framing of international affairs stories.