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Child and Adolescent Development

FrameWorks has the world’s largest body of framing research on children and adolescents. It is used around the world to create change.

This research provides an overarching framing strategy to effectively communicate about a wide range of issues that affect children and young people.

Certain assumptions about children, youth, and families come up again and again.

To communicate effectively, advocates need to be able to navigate these dominant beliefs.

The tested frames come from research on six continents and have pushed policy in progressive directions at local, state, national, and international levels. Join this global narrative shift effort by exploring these resources.

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Reframing Adolescent Substance Use and its Prevention: A Communications Playbook

Welcome to the Reframing Adolescent Substance Use and Its Prevention playbook, a step-by-step guide to using evidence-based framing strategies to communicate about adolescent substance use.


Reframing Early Childhood Development and Learning in Kenya

Welcome to Reframing Early Childhood Development and Learning – a communications toolkit for building public support in Kenya for better child development policies and programmes.


Talking about the Science of Parenting

This MessageMemo summarizes research into how advocates for children and families in Australia can share the science of parenting.


Before Walking and Talking

This “map the gaps” report compares ideas from the science of early childhood to patterns in public thinking in Peru.


Navigating Waters: Talking about parenting

Framing is about making choices and doing things a little differently. Here are a few choices you can make when talking about parenting, and in your own communications.


Comparing Media and Organizational Discourse on the Children’s Care System in Scotland

How is children's care framed in the Scottish press - and how can advocates reframe the issue?


Slipping through the Cracks: Comparing Media and Organisational Discourse on the Children’s Care System in Scotland

Media coverage can be harmful and misleading – or informative and productive. Organisations can impact the character of that coverage, but not without a deep understanding of the structure of...


Expanding the Basics: Mapping the Gaps between Expert, Decision-Maker and Public Understandings of Early Childhood Development in Kenya

The way the public thinks and talks about early childhood development (ECD) and learning influences which child-related policies and programmes are most likely to be adopted. This report presents...


New Resources Lay Out Strategy To Reframe Adolescent Substance Use

The FrameWorks Institute developed two new reframing resources to change misperceptions about adolescent drug and alcohol use.


Making A Stronger Case For Bridging STEM Learning

A new report compares expert and public thinking about bridging STEM learning and offers advocates strategic advice to overcome challenges in public thinking.


Communicating about Obesity

People do see many pieces of the obesity puzzle, but they tend to arrange them into a picture of individuals failing to overcome challenging circumstances.


Turning Down the Heat on Adolescent Substance Use: Findings from Reframing Research

This report outlines the findings from a series of interrelated investigations aimed at identifying framing tools and techniques capable of elevating the public discussion. The purpose of this...