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Child and Adolescent Development

FrameWorks has the world’s largest body of framing research on children and adolescents. It is used around the world to create change.

This research provides an overarching framing strategy to effectively communicate about a wide range of issues that affect children and young people.

Certain assumptions about children, youth, and families come up again and again.

To communicate effectively, advocates need to be able to navigate these dominant beliefs.

The tested frames come from research on six continents and have pushed policy in progressive directions at local, state, national, and international levels. Join this global narrative shift effort by exploring these resources.

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Early is Key: Mapping the Gaps on Understandings of Early Childhood Development in Bangladesh

This report summarizes research conducted by the FrameWorks Institute and the BRAC Institute of Educational Development. It compares and contrasts the expert science of ECD in Bangladesh with how...


Cultivating Nature: Mapping the Gaps Between Expert and Public Understandings of Early Development in Australia

This report presents findings from research conducted with CoLab, a partnership between the Telethon Kids Institute and the Minderoo Foundation. It maps the terrain of public thinking about early...


Telling a New Coming-of-Age Story: Mapping the Gaps between Expert and Public Understandings of Transition Age Youth

This analysis yields important insights and actionable strategies that communicators can use to navigate and shift public thinking.


Stuck in Crisis: Media and Organizational Discourse on Foster Care and Transition Age Youth

This research was sponsored by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation to develop an evidenced-based strategy for communicating more effectively about foster care and transition age youth.


Frames in Play: An Executive Summary of Descriptive Framing Research on Adolescence

This executive summary offers highlights from studies of public thinking, media content, and field communications on adolescent development.


One Half of the Story

Media coverage of adolescents focuses on the perils of the teen years - but has little to say about the possibilities that are part of adolescent development.


Building Opportunity into Adolescence

This report “maps the gaps” between views held by those who study adolescent development and members of the public.


Amplifying Positive Frames

As we advocate for healthy adolescent development, how can we balance the way we talk about risks and opportunities in youth?


Rebalancing The Narrative On Adolescent Development

To build understanding of adolescent development, new research finds that advocates should take a balanced approach.


Reframing Hunger in America

How can we elevate public understanding that hunger in America is widespread – and not just a personal failing?


Building Support For Early Childhood Development And Learning In Kenya

Kenyans—including those who make decisions about early childhood policies—don’t share experts’ understandings of early brain development or learning.


Talking about Early Childhood in Kenya

This Message Brief summarises FrameWorks’ recommendations on how to communicate more effectively with the Kenyan public and decision-makers about early childhood development and learning....