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The Color of News: The Racial Dimension in Media Coverage of Selected Issues

This study examined news coverage of race in connection with selected policy issues, with particular emphasis on the treatment of racial disparities.


Six Harmful Patterns in Newspaper Presentations of Race

This report examines the numerous ways in which of race is presented to readers, directly and indirectly, in the nation’s newspapers.


Editor’s Perspective: The Hartford Story

Communities can organize for change and bolster their efforts by telling their own story. That’s the Hartford story.


Reflections on Making Connections

An early emphasis on communications has helped clarify what Making Connections in Hartford is all about, provided an opportunity for people from two very diverse neighborhoods to work together on...


Barriers to Public Engagement with Transitional Work: Visibility, Worthiness, and Efficacy Findings from Cognitive Interviews

The analysis presented here is based on intensive one-on-one interviews conducted by Cultural Logic in the fall of 2004 with a diverse group of nineteen individuals in Minnesota.


A Developmental Perspective: An Analysis of Qualitative Research Exploring Views of Youth

This report on a series of focus groups discovers how adults in the state of Minnesota view adolescence in general and youth development programs in specific.


Connecting the Country to the Rest of the Country: Analysis of a Priming Survey Exploring Views of Rural America

Analysis of a priming survey exploring views of rural America.


Thinking About Race: Findings from Cognitive Elicitations

Interviews with 50 individuals in 7 states helped identify the most common and corrosive frames in play with respect to race and racism.


Mind and Monolith: Findings from Cognitive Interviews about Government

This report explores the patterns of reasoning that average Americans bring to the topic of government.


Connection, Cause and Character: An Analysis of Qualitative Research Exploring Views of Rural America

An analysis of qualitative research exploring views of rural America.

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Communications for Social Good

If foundations are more intentional in using communications as a tool for social change, and if they incorporate what is known about how the media affect individuals and groups into their...


Making the Public Case for Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention: A FrameWorks Message Memo

This message memo synthesizes the first set of qualitative research findings and recommends strategies to communicate more effectively about child abuse and neglect.